Most Effective Choices for the Right Wallpapers

Currently, when decorating the interiors we give up covering all the walls and prefer to put wallpaper on only one of them. This solution has many advantages, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. The wallpaper on one wall will allow you to liven up the room with an original decorative pattern. The large format wall decoration will redefine the look of the space and be eye-catching.

Unlike an environment covered entirely with wallpaper singapore, the wall will no longer be a simple complementary element, but will become the protagonist and in addition can act as a background to other decorative accessories such as mirrors or paintings. The wallpaper on one wall is also suitable for small spaces. A few reasons will help you visually increase the environment. The list of advantages of this solution certainly does not end there. Wallpaper on one wall is also a great way to highlight functional areas of the room.

Living room wallpaper – inspirations

The living room is an ideal space to take advantage of the decorative potential of wallpapersingapore, which will not only make the life of all the inhabitants of the house more pleasant, but also amaze your guests. The appropriately chosen motif will highlight the unique character of the most representative room in your home. What’s more, wallpaper on just one wall in your living room can become a perfect backdrop for a sleek sofa or chic dresser.

Which wallpaper designs will fit best in the living room?

Certainly floral and vegetable motifs. In the case of a romantic Provencal-style setting, you can focus on the upholstery with delicate flowers, while for the modern glamorous interiors choose the larger flowers.

Maybe you want to have the living room with an exotic flavor that will make you travel far without leaving home? In this case, focus on wallpapers with tropical motifs – for example, brightly colored flowers and particular shapes or palm leaves, which will bring a breath of energy to an environment without character. The wallpaper on one wall is also a great way to introduce an interesting geometric pattern into the room and highlight the modern style of the room. Upholstery with circles, triangles or rhombuses is increasingly chosen to complement the interior decoration with a Scandinavian taste. Wallpaper can also change our perception of space – the vertical striped wall tiles, in soft shades, will make your living room visually taller.